Canada Startup Visa through Incubators

The Start-Up Visa Program offers Canadian Permanent Residence with no visa conditions.

It is the fastest program in North America for business immigrants.

Under the program, foreign entrepreneurs with an approved business concept, recognized by a designated organization (VC, Angels, Incubators), receive a Commitment Certificate and a Letter of Support (LOS).

Commercial License

A commercial license is issued to a business involved in any sort of commercial trading activity. General and specialised traders can avail a commercial license in Dubai and trade freely within the UAE as well across the globe.

Professional License

A service-oriented business enjoys 100% ownership with a professional license. Individuals who wish to practice a profession which is depended on their knowledge and skills can attain a professional license in the UAE.

Industrial License

The industrial license in Dubai is attained by those enterprises who transform natural material or natural resources into other final products. Industries & manufacturing units are required to attain an industrial license by the DED.

Tourism License

The tourism sector is undisputedly one of the most profitable industries in Dubai because of which it has a high demand for tourism business licenses in the region. You need a tourism license to start a tours & travel business.

Start-up Visa Program Process

This project offers a unique opportunity to obtain Canadian Permanent Residence and establish a real business with international scalability.

We guide you through

-Business concept creation
-The due diligence process
-Canadian corporation formation
-Intellectual property strategy
-Pitch deck
-Business plan
-Letter of Support
-Application for Canadian Permanent Residence

Upon finalization, you receive a Letter of Support for you, your partners, and family dependents (spouse, children under age 22). You can then relocate to Canada permanently with an unconditional Permanent Resident Status.

As a Canadian Permanent Resident, you would be able to operate the business created and pursue parallel businesses without restrictions.

  • Global Opportunities: Canada’s startup landscape is renowned for its diversity and global reach. Connect with a vast network of mentors, investors, and collaborators to propel your business to new heights.

    Direct Route to Family PR & Work Permit: The Startup Visa Program offers a streamlined path for you and your family to obtain permanent residency and work permits. It’s not just about business; it’s about building a future for your loved ones.

  •  Limited Quota – Act Fast!: With a limited quota, it’s a first-come, first-served opportunity. Don’t miss out on the chance to secure your spot and make Canada the launchpad for your entrepreneurial dreams.
  •  Education Requirement – Minimum 10+2: Your educational background shouldn’t be a barrier. The Startup Visa Program requires a minimum of 10+2 education, opening doors for a diverse range of entrepreneurs.
  •  Processing Time Up to 6 Months: Time is of the essence. The Startup Visa Program aims for swift processing, ensuring you can focus on what truly matters – building and growing your startup.
  •  No Age Limit, No Net Worth Requirement: Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a budding visionary, the Startup Visa Program is inclusive. There’s no age limit or net worth requirement – it’s about the potential of your idea.
  •  Global Recognition: Being a part of the Canadian startup ecosystem brings global recognition. Benefit from the credibility and support that comes with joining a thriving community of innovators.