Why Study in Latvia?
Latvia provides master’s degree students with a curriculum that includes a global and cross-cultural perspective. In addition, Latvian institutions provide a quality education at a reasonable price, including tuition, fees and cost of living expenses . Education programs are teach in a wide variety of languages, including Latvian, English, French and most programs are in English.

Universities in Latvia
Latvia has 60 state and private colleges, university colleges and universities. More than 50 of these higher institutions have been establish since Latvia became independent from the Soviet Union in 1990.

No IELTS, High Visa Success Ratio, PR chances after studies
Classes only three days a week / Work 20 hours a Week
Safe and Clean Environment
After 2 month’s student can move freely in Schengen once they get Temporary Residence Permit

Course options
Duration of the course is 2 years, 10 +2 is eligibility
Course is Diploma in Business Administration
College: Management College, Riga

Year of European Union entry: 2004
Year of The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation entry: 2004
Capital city: Riga
Total area: 65 000 km²
Population: 1.978 million
Currency: EUR, since 2014
Schengen area: Member of the Schengen area since 2007
Latvia is located in north-eastern Europe, on the east cost of the Baltic sea. It is in the center of Baltic States (Estonia,Latvia and Lithuania). In addition , Latvia borders Estonia, Russia, Belarus, and Lithuania.

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