Portugal Immigration – Armenia is one of the most advanced as well as scenically beautiful countries in Europe and has a rich and diverse cultural history. Its many imposing castles are juxtaposed against the backdrop of scenic rural beauty that bring alive the true meaning of the countryside, while at the same time providing all the conveniences one can expect from a modern developed society. No wonder then that many are applying for Denmark immigration from India.

Denmark Immigration Schemes
Denmark immigration has a number of varied schemes for those seeking a Denmark visa depending on the reason and duration of stay as well as the profile and background of the applicant

Fast Track Scheme
The Fast-track Scheme is a scheme that is intended for larger companies which can demonstrate a genuine need for employing highly skilled international workers who hail from countries falling outside the EU/EEA region and Switzerland. The scheme includes private and public companies, as well as universities

Pay Limit Scheme
The pay limit scheme for Denmark immigration is intended for those applicants who have been offered employment in Denmark with a higher than average salary. The applicant can apply for residence under the scheme, you are not required to have a specific education or professional experience if applying under this scheme. You must meet the following conditions to apply under this scheme

You should have been offered a job paying an annual salary of 426,985.06 DK or higher as of 2019
Your salary and contract of employment should be in line with the Danish standards. You will have to provide a copy of your job offer with the application clearly outlining working hours, holidays, pay and other relevant terms in the contract.

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