Quebec, which is the largest province in Canada is vibrant and multicultural at its roots, though a majority of the people speak French. In fact French is the official language of the province. It is often called as the Europe of North America on account of its scenic beauty and cultural heritage. Quebec Immigration can take place under any of the following schemes

Immigration for Qualified skilled workers
If you intend to immigrate to Quebec under the Skilled Worker Program you will need to submit a declaration of interest (DOI) for immigration to Quebec, through the Aroma system or declaration of interest system

1.The Aroma system will be accepting applications or qualified skilled workers
2.You can also submit your application under the Quebec experience program. In which case you do not have to submit a DOI
3.Once the application is received, the application will be processed in the following order of priority
a.Those that are filed under the Quebec Experience Program
b.Applications which have a valid job offer and have received an invitation from the Minister
4.The following criteria is taken into account for processing your application and that of your spouse
a.Education and level of training
b.Professional work experience
d.English and French language capability
e.Whether you have visited the province before and duration of stay
f.Whether you have an immediate relative who is a permanent resident or citizen in Quebec
g.Whether you have an existing job offer that is validated by the minister of immigration
h.Your financial status and an undertaking from you agreeing that you will be able to provide for your family for first three months on arrival
i.Details of your dependent children who will accompany you

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