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The Germany Immigration – Job seeker visa enables those individuals who desire to settle in Germany but were unable to obtain a valid job offer from an employee in the country.

1.The Germany job seeker visa allows you to live in Germany for a period of six months and look for employment in the country
2.You will need to have at least a diploma from Germany or equivalent international qualification to be eligible for this German visa
3.You are allowed to bring your immediate family members as dependents along with you
4.You will need to demonstrate with sufficient proof that you have enough funds to bear the living expenses for yourself and your family until you find employment
5.You are allowed to seek employment for the six months but cannot take up any employment while living in Germany on this job seeker visa
6.If you receive a valid job offer you need to apply for residence permit

German Job Seeker Visa process

1.You will need to apply at a German consulate for this visa. Our Germany immigration consultants can provide assistance for the same

You will need to meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for applying for the Germany job seeker visa.
1.You are required to have a minimum of 15 years of education in a Science, Technology, Engineering Math (STEM) related field
2.You will need to have at least three years of full time work experience in a field that is relevant to your educational

Documents required for job seeker visa
You will need to submit the following documents when you are applying for the German job seeker visa. The actual list of documents is subject to change as per the discretion of the German immigration authority. We recommend that you seek the advice of our qualified Germany immigration consultants before proceeding to this step
1.Three photographs that will be attached along with the application
2.Documents that show valid proof of your stated educational qualifications
3.Passport that is valid for at least the next 12 months for yourself and each of your family members who will be accompanying you.
4.Curriculum vitae of your educational record as well as record of your previous employment will need to be attached with your application form.
5.A copy of your birth certificate and marriage certificate if married. Also the birth certificates of all the dependent family members who will be accompanying you
6.Proof of having a place of accommodation when you arrive in Germany
7.A Letter of intent from you, which clearly and precisely outlines the following.
a) Reason for moving to Germany and looking for a job in Germany
b) What is the expected time you are allocating for your job search?
c) Your alternative plan of action in case your job search is unsuccessful.
8.Two referral letters from people who know you and your family personally and are prepared to vouch for your character
9.Documented Proof of having the necessary funds that will enable you to live for 6 months in the Germany which can include your bank account statement, asset holding statement, tax return forms and others
10.Proof of having purchased travel and health insurance for yourself and all members of your family

Top 5 Occupations Demand In Germany

Immigrants who are planning to move to Germany and are living in the country on Germany job seeker visa will no doubt be keen on knowing the occupations that are the most in demand in the country.
1.Health care sector is one area where there is always a perpetual demand for new employees.
2.Hospitals as well as Doctor’s clinics are largely understaffed and the country needs at least 5000 new Doctors as well as many other healthcare professionals
3.In the Industrial sector there is a huge labour gap which needs to be filled by skilled immigrants, especially in the fields of electrical, automotive and mechanical engineering
4.STEM graduates will also find that their qualifications are in demand as many vacancies are available for graduates in IT, Mathematics and natural sciences.

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