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Latest Changes in Student Visa Rules by Australia


Starting today, July 1st, 2024; Australia has introduced significant changes in the Student Visa application process.

First of all, now you need to apply for a student visa while residing outside Australia. You won’t be allowed to apply for a student visa while residing in the country.

As per the new rule, even Visitors and Temporary Graduate visa holders won’t be permitted to apply for student visas during their stay in Australia.

However, those who have already applied for a student visa before 1st of July, won’t be affected by the new rules.

The government of the Asia-Pacific region has even decided to increase the student visa application fees. The report is that student visas are going to be now AUS$1,600 from 1st July 2024. Earlier it was AUS$710.

You can have a look at the table.

Date Student Visa Application Fee (AUD) Student Visa Application Fee (INR)
From 1st July, 2024 AUS$1,600 88,000INR
Up to 30th June, 2024 AUS$710 39,703INR

* As per 1st July, 2024

The Australian government has revised the fee schedule for the Student visa (subclass 500) and will now charge AUS$1,445 for each accompanying applicant who is at least 18 years old and AUS$390 for those who are younger.

Accompanying Applicant Aged 18 + AUS$1,445 80,805INR
Accompanying Applicant Aged Under 18 AUS$390 21,809INR

* As per 1st July, 2024

This is the overall story of how the Government of Australia has implemented changes in student visa rules.

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